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Why You Want to Get Scholarship in Netherland

Study with scholarship in Netherland

Why You Want to Get Scholarship in Netherland

admin / October 3, 2018

If you are looking for a scholarship, you might want to consider getting scholarship in Netherland. There are some reasons as to why Netherland is a good place for you to study. Here are those reasons.

  1. Study Costs are Affordable

If you compare the cost of studying in Netherland to other English-speaking countries such as United Kingdom or USA, the cost of studying in Netherland is less expensive. The reason is because the Dutch government subsidize the higher education. Not to mention that the tuition fee of colleges in Netherland is pretty low. The good thing is even though the tuition fee in Netherland is relatively cheaper, it does not mean the education there is bad. On the contrary, Dutch universities are known for their high standards for education.

  1. Living Expenses are Affordable

The living expenses in Netherland is relatively cheaper compared to other countries in Europe. Per month, you will need around €800 up to €1,000. And you can earn this money by getting part-time jobs. Since the colleges in Netherland usually do not offer dorms for students’ accomodation, you need to look for your own housing. Fortunately, there are many sites that offer information about student accommodation.

It is better to look for a place as soon as possible once you are accepted to study in Netherland. If your college starts in September, you can look for a place to stay as early as May. If you wait until August to look for your housing, you might get either an expensive place or low quality place.

  1. Netherland is Known as Knowledge Center

Last but not least, the degree you get from Dutch universities is acknowledge internationally. It is no wonder, after all, the Dutch education systems meets all the international standards of good education. The scientific researches that are being done by Dutch universities are valued highly.

So, if you want to further your education, you should consider scholarship in Netherland.

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